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WiNX is a multi-purpose Wi-Fi attack-defense platform which can be used for custom scenarios based on the firmware on the device. The following firmware are currently available and new ones will be added monthly:

1. Wi-Fi Scanner (b/g/n):

This is the default firmware on the WiNX which periodically scans the air and prints details of access points in the area: SSID, BSSID, Channel, HT20/40, RSSI and Authentication information. You can view this by connecting the device to any serial port monitoring program on Windows, Linux, OS X and Android.

2. Wi-Fi Honeypots, Captive Portals and Deception:

This firmware allows the user to configure the WiNX to act as a Wi-Fi Honeypot with one of our custom splash pages. WiNX automatically stores all captured username and passwords to its local filesystem so that it can be recovered later. 

3. Wi-Fi Sniffer:

This firmware allows the user to convert the WiNX into a Wi-Fi sniffer which automatically hops channels 1-14 on the 2.4GHz spectrum. Using a helper utility which can be run on Windows, Linux and MacOS, you can save the Wi-Fi packets into a PCAP file. This file can be fed live into tools like Wireshark, Tshark and Airodump-ng.  

4. Custom Captive Portals:

This firmware allows the user to upload custom captive portal pages onto the device! The file size limit is 150KB and you can embed images, CSS and JS into the HTML. We would recommend watching the help video to understand how to use this firmware and design your own portals. 


a.  WiNX and WiNX Portable: The Basics


b. Getting Started with WiNX  (PDF Manual)

c. WiNX and WiNX Portable:  Getting Started on Windows


d. Uploading Firmware  (PDF Manual) 

e. WiNX and WiNX Portable:  Getting Started and Firmware Upload on Kali Linux


 f.  Wi-Fi Sniffer Firmware:  Video Manual 


g. Custom Captive Portal Firmware:  Video Manual  



Firmware Downloads: 

a. Scanner (default) :  ZIP

b. Honeypots, Captive Portals and Deception:  ZIP   Manual:  PDF 

c. Wi-Fi Sniffer:  ZIP 

d. Custom Captive Portals:  ZIP